Prior Patch

Bookings Director & Hall Rentals:
Kelly Neumann

Prior Patch (Lounge) - $150 + HST

This is a terrific spot for reunions, small private parties, showers, luncheons, pot-luck gatherings, sports events or meetings. It looks out of the ice surface and creates an intimate gathering space.

The Prior Patch seats 50 people at a rental cost of $150 + HST.

A $100.00 deposit is required (per booking) and is due upon the signing of your Rental Agreement.

Cancellation of a booking 30 calendar days prior to the event will result in the return of the deposit.

Cancellation less than the 30 day period will result in the forfeiture of the deposit unless an alternate date is confirmed in writing.

Photo - Lower Lounge
Photo - Prior Patch (lounge) Photo - Prior Patch (lounge)
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