Learn to Curl

Date: Begins October 22, 2023
Time: 6:30PM

Learn to Curl (LTC) members play in their own specially designed league that features instruction and coaching every week for the entire season from qualified coaches.

The beginning of the season will focus more on instruction and skills development. It will slowly ease into playing games so that by the end of the season, you’ll have a great understanding of the game including rock delivery, sweeping, strategy, and the importance of each position.

The Curling Canada curriculum is aimed specifically at people who have not curled before.

Who should join this league?

What are the benefits of LTC for new curlers?

Can I join a different league after a few weeks of LTC?

We feel it is best for new curlers to remain in LTC for the entire season to get the full benefit of the program. A few weeks of instruction is not enough to learn the sport and stay safe when joining other leagues. We’ve designed the program to ensure that you’ll develop skills and have fun playing games! Trust us… once you start in the program you’ll want to stay!
Note: After the first 10 weeks of instruction, LTC curlers can spare in other leagues for the remainder of the season.

Photo - Learning to Curl

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