2021 Curling with COVID-19

Over the summer a lot of thought has gone into the reopening. We are closely following developments from the Ontario Government, CurlON and Curling Canada.

Ontario Entering Phase 3

In late June Ontario entered ‘Phase 3’ of reopening, the phase that allows curling clubs to open. Highlights of phase 3 include:

Highlights of phase 3 include: CurlON / Curling Canada Rule Changes

In early July Curling Canada and CurlON issued Return to Play curling club specific guidelines which Arnprior Curling Club will be following. Some of the

Highlights include: Arrival and preparation for your game

When inside the Club and moving about the common areas you are required to wear a mask covering your nose, mouth, and chin. Cleaning and Sanitizing our Club

Keeping all areas of our club clean and sanitized is vital to our collective safety. Here is the plan for the ice and lounge areas:

Ice Area Use of Club Equipment will not be available Keeping the Club Clean and Sanitized Socializing in the Bar Area

New Serving Procedures COMING OFF THE ICE Masks at Your Table

While seated at a table in the lounge you are not required to wear your mask (unless public health rules change). If you get up from your chair for any reason, you must wear your mask.

Kitchen for Light Food Preparation Only

Our kitchen will be closed for cooking and operation of appliances. We are allowing simple food preparation only – unwrapping packaged food for example.

We want to hear from you

We’ve packed a lot into this message, but hopefully it enlightens you about the more significant aspects of our club’s reopening. We will provide more information as it becomes available.

Your Opinion Matters

In the meantime you are encouraged to share your comments or questions about our reopening plans with your Board of Directors in an email to joe.ferrari@sympatico.ca. Your responses will be discussed by the Board at the next meeting.


Your ACC Board of Directors.