2021 Curling Through Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

The Arnprior Curling Club is committed to the positive well-being of all members of our community. The ACC Board is aligning our COVID-19 Response with updated Curl On/Curling Canada Guidelines. We agree with our sport partner associations that “it is entirely possible for people to continue to curl in a manner that is physically distant and low-risk, while still enjoying the positive social and physical benefits of the sport.”

For the new ACC guidelines for our upcoming 2021/2022 season, please see the Return to Play Guidelines that have been published and emailed to all club member. Please read these guidelines for answers to some of your questions. In addition, we’ve put together the following FAQs to help you with your decision about joining the club this year.

Will there be any changes to the on-ice experience this season?

Yes, following Curling Canada’s recommendations, there will be a number of changes to the on-ice curling experience. Some of these on-ice changes will include: What if members of my team are from the same household or if we are already cohorting together? Can we use two sweepers?

No. Whether one is from the same household or not, the “Single-Sweeper Rule” will be maintained for all ACC leagues and for all players.

Will all ACC Leagues be playing during the 2021-22 season?

Yes, all leagues will be operating at normal capacity during the 2021-22 season.

Will there be a Learn to Curl session this year?

Yes, should interest be there, we will have Learn To Curl.

What about ACC-run funspiels and social events?

Yes, we hope to have social events this 2020/2021 season. It is still not known if Autumn Leaves or the Low Cup will be held. We will share this information when we have it.

Will league fee refunds be issued if the province reverts back toward Phase 1 or if the ACC is required to shut down for public health reasons?

Yes, a pro-rated league fee refund will be offered if the Province of Ontario requires curling clubs like the ACC to shut down during our scheduled 2021-22 season. The ACC’s refund policy is crafted in such a way to both protect our curler’s financial interests and to ensure that the ACC is financially viable to offer curlers a facility in subsequent seasons.

What is the ACC’s protocol should a COVID case emerge at the ACC?

The ACC has developed a COVID response plan that includes compiling an Incident Report Form for any known or reported cases. Following Province of Ontario Guidelines, any COVID related incidents at the ACC will be reported immediately to Ontario Health Services for next-step guidance, including guidance on reporting to our curlers and our cleaning protocols.

Will Waivers and Declarations of Compliance be required?

Yes. Users of the ACC facility will be expected to complete Waivers and Declarations of Compliance. The Declaration of Compliance will declare that one will not knowingly enter the ACC facility if they are experiencing any COVID related symptoms. Further information on Waivers and Declaration of Compliance forms will be forthcoming.

Since we clean our rocks with our bare hands, do we have to wipe down the bottom of the rocks at the end of the game?

No, if your hands are sanitized (as they should be) there is no concern that Covid will be sitting on the bottom of the rocks and will be passed onto the next player. Only the handles on the rocks need to be sanitized at the end of each game.

How can I help make sure that we can curl safely and minimize the risk of exposure to COVID?

Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Wear a mask when moving around. Sanitize the rocks and tables after use.

Can we still socialize after our games?

Yes, that is a huge part of the sport of curling! The Prior Patch will have 4 areas set up – two on the upper level and two on the lower level. Each area will have 2 large tables pushed together. 4 people can sit around each table so that all 8 players from each game can sit together.

You do not need to wear a mask at your table but if you move around (ie. Go to the bar, go to the washroom, leave the club) you must have a mask on.

One table at a time will be allowed at the bar to purchase their round. Each player will buy their own drinks. We will not be implementing the “winner buys” code of conduct this year.

There will be one bartender allowed in the bar for each league. The bartender will wear a mask and regularly wash their hands. They will take all normal safety precautions when pouring and distributing drinks. They will only supply clean glasses and bottles to curlers.

Will water dispensers be available?

Club water dispensers will not be available in the ice shed. Curlers should bring their own water bottle with them.

Will there still be 50/50 draws?

Fundraising opportunities such as 50/50 draws still remain to be determined. We are exploring the idea of a virtual 50/50 “season subscription” wherein you can buy a 10 week pack to be included in 10 weeks of virtual draws. Further information will be provided when it becomes available.

Will sanitizer and sanitizing wipes be made available at the club?

Yes, sanitizer and sanitizing wipes will be made available throughout the club, including the entrance / exit areas and in the ice-arena for wiping down equipment including rocks and measuring equipment.

Will there be proper signage and directional traffic within the facility?

Yes, there will be proper signage and directional traffic within the facility.

Does COVID-19 suck?

Yes. COVID-19 still really sucks. But, fortunately, curling is a low-risk social activity that can be enjoyed while maintaining physical distancing guidelines. The ACC is committed to ensuring a positive, low-risk social activity and environment that will enable our community to benefit from the mental and physical virtues that make curling great.

I’m on the fence about curling this season. Can you provide me with some reasons to consider curling at the ACC this winter?

Good question, thank you for asking. This up-coming winter is likely to be an especially tough one for our physical and mental well-being since there will be very limited opportunities to get out of the house to keep physically and socially active. This is a concerning state of affairs, especially considering the isolating effects our winters can have under normal circumstances. As the measures indicated above show, however, the ACC can be a positive force for good within this challenging context because we are committed to providing a low-risk environment that will allow our curlers to keep physically and socially active during the difficult winter time months ahead. Everyone needs to make their decision to curl or not from the perspective of their own personal situation, but we thank you in advance for thoughtfully considering the ACC as a positive option for you to enjoy the benefits of a low-risk social activity this up-coming winter.

Your Opinion Matters

You are encouraged to share your comments or questions about our reopening plans with your Board of Directors in an email to arnprior.curling@gmail.com. Your responses will be discussed by the Board at the next meeting.


Your ACC Board of Directors.